Sunday, October 19, 2014



It's that 'spooky' time of the year again and you know what that means… time to start planning our halloween costumes! Below I am going to suggest a few costume ideas and the perfect accessories to complete your look from Rad and Refined. Best part- we are offering a 25% off discount code for the next week, stick with me guys, I've got you covered! 

Rad Bands are the perfect accessory to go with your halloween costume
Here are a few of my personal favorites and how you can incorporate them into your costume:

1. Dirty Hippie         $42 || Miley Cyrus Costume

2. I'm So Fancy        $35 || Pop Star Costume, Iggy Azalea

3. Mermaid Dreams  $35 || Mermaid Costume

4. Flower Child        $35 || Hippie Costume

5. Cross Your Heart  $32 || Add to ANY costume

6. Boo You Whore    $18 || Regina George Mean Girls

   7. Skull Sunglasses   $14  || Add to ANY costume

    8. CUSTOM            || Customize any pair for yourself or a group! 

I know, I know, there are SO many good options to pick from! Once you have made your decision, don't forget to use our halloween coupon code for 25% off your order

Follow these simple steps below to use our discount coupon: 

1. Head over to our web site www.radandrefined.comand click on Rad Bands at the top of the site
2. Scroll through and find the ones that pop out at you the most!
3.  Click "add to shopping cart" to add items to your virtual shopping cart.  
(Tip from Jesse: This year you should go all out on your costume, don't be afraid to stand out with unique accessories!)
4. When you have made your choices, click on your shopping bag and press checkout! 
(Tip from Jesse:you're almost there!)
5. Here you fill in your information, include your shipping address if it differs from billing address!
6. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a spot to put in a promotional code, type in our coupon code which is SPOOKY 
7. Once you press apply to order you will review your order and make sure it is correct, when you are satisfied with your order and information- click process order! 



Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Happy Tuesday my #RADBABES!

It is Alexa here with some MAY-JOR news to share with you! Just in case you haven't already heard, those of us at Rad and Refined are extremely honored to have had our #RADHATS + #RADBANDS from our accessories collection designed by Jacqueline Rezak featured in the November issue of British Vogue (currently on news stands and available on iPad)!

The Rad and Refined pieces included in British Vogue's  "Accessories That" feature are listed below and are available to purchase online at RAD AND REFINED!

(LEFT) $35
Wild + Free, RAD HAT

Date a Dino, RAD BANDS

Flower Power, RAD BANDS

This issue is now available on news stands in the UK and USA.

For more information on our accessories please contact


Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Style Sessions: Jesse


Every day we see people walk by with perfectly put together outfits and lets be honest- some of us can't help but gawk. Come on... admit it, we're all guilty of this from time to time, myself included!  So rather then admire these A+ looks from the sidelines, I decided I would catch up with a few #radbabes who have show-stopping style
check out what they had to say!

Name: Jesse Richter
Age: 16
Style: Rad
Must have accessory: My silver buddha necklace 

(I never take it off!)
Favorite item in your closet: My Jeffery Campbell Rosie cut-out boots. They are the perfect staple item to add edge to an outfit!
Must have item for fall: Flannels, flannels, and more flannels! Nothing keeps you warm like a super warn in vintage flannel!
Silver or Gold: Silver
NY or LA: LA, warm weather whenever all the way!

Name: Nikki Richter
Age: 16
Style: Refined
Must have accessory: Her rings (She wears 6 every day!)
Favorite item in her closet: Her Carmar distressed denim cutoffs
Must have item for fall: She is loving big comfy sweaters with leggings and boots, it is a perfect way to look cute yet feel comfortable at the same time.
Gold or silver: Silver
NY or LA: NY of course- it's the city that never sleeps!

Name: Carly Travis
Age: 16
Style: Rad and Refined
Must have accessory: A good pair of Aviators!
Favorite item in your closet: A nice, worn in leather jacket, it toughens up every outfit!
Must have item for fall: Sneakers- either slip on or running shoes. They are comfortable but also keep the outfit chic and classy.
Silver or gold: Gold
NY or LA: She goes back and forth, but as of right now, NY

Name: Sophie Kalt
Age: 16
Style: Refined
Must have accessory: Hoop earrings (Classy, yet sassy!)
Favorite item in your closet: Her grey j brand jeans- everyone needs a go to pair of jeans to make them feel their best.
Must have item for fall: Her frye distressed boots, they can withstand any weather!
Silver or Gold: Gold
NY or LA: LA for sure! She hopes to live there some day.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Style Inspiration: Blogger Jessie Richter

Hi #RADBABES! I'm excited to be back for my second post! This week I am going to share with you 5 people who are most influential to my personal style. For me, style is one way to relate to people, whether I know them or not. If you're wearing a vintage tee and we are in line at Starbucks, I am most likely going to tell you that I think your Tee is RAD! That is why one of my favorite things to do is look for style inspiration - people, places, magazines-- you name it and it could be an inspiration for my next look.That being said, I had a hard time narrowing down my list-- but after much consideration I picked my top personal style influences and am ready to share! 

I am obsessed with Kendal and Kylie's Jenner's sense of style. They are a perfect example of rocking the grungy-chic look. Their go to comfy look is a flannel paired with jeans and boots. Finding the perfect flannel is key for fall. I like how they dress up a casual outfit with tons of jewelry, bold makeup, and funky shoes. Fun accessories can make you go from slouchy to put together in an instant. They have endless amounts of cut offs, boots, and fun crop tops that always catch my eye. Kylie is definitely unique in her sense of style and I love how she isn't afraid to try a new idea. I think we could all learn a thing or two about style from them!

My fashion role model is actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Her bold yet classic style made her into a fashion icon. Starting with when she played Carrie Bradshaw on "Sex and the City", I became inspired by the way she paired a more simple outfit with a statement piece or better yet, a whole statement outfit! One of my favorite outfits of her playing Carrie was when she wore a watermelon dress with beautiful white heels and a black peacoat in the streets of paris. To finish off the outfit she paired it with a statement accessory- big, red umbrella. This is just one of example of her unique outfits that I think we all wish we could pull off!

Two people that are fashion icons in this era are the Olsen twins. Mary Kate and Ashley have transformed from what was once their innocent and pure look to what the New York Times likes to call, "a homeless look". The look consists of oversized sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters, and flowing skirts, with an aesthetic of mixing high-end and low-end pieces. They have started a couple fashion lines including Elizabeth + James, Oslo and Olsenboye. I love their goth look and always know I can turn to them for some street-wear inspiration.

Contrasting to my previous duo, I think Vanessa Hudgens has the best Bohemian (BOHO) style out there. She knows how to work the festival look, but make it wearable for every day as well. She is the master at pairing cut offs with laid back sandals and some chunky necklaces. Her Coachella looks were amazing as well. Her long hair looked great with a floppy hat for the cooler days, but when it was hot she tied it back in a scarf to look effortlessly cool. She definitely was born to be a festival-goer, and she dresses the part as well- a total #radbabe!

Lastly, I knew it was necessary to mention Julie Sarinana, the online fashion blogger who has been blogging for almost five years. Her style is very put together and is getting featured in many magazines for her awesome clothes. She even started her own fashion line that can be found on her blog, Julie is always up to trend and can be found mixing well-known designer pieces with up and coming designers. This is something I think is very admirable because sometimes you have to search for the best pieces when they aren't as popular. I check her blog daily to see what her latest outfit combo is and am always pleased with what I find!

Do you have questions about my style inspiration? Email me: to learn more!

Stay Rad!

--Jesse Richter 

Monday, September 29, 2014


Want to have celebrity stylists and trend setters pick out accessories that best fit your style + delivered straight to your door each month? Who wouldn't! Let me tell you more about my new favorite monthly style obsession >> WWW.RADANDREFINEDBOX.COM

The #RADBOX is perfect for the man or woman on-the-go who doesn't have extra time to spend shopping for accessories that will keep their looks on-point each month. The #RADBOX also makes a great gift for yourself or a friend, you can trust that the style experts behind the #RADBOX will supply you with the latest and greatest accessories of the month from both new and up-and-coming designers, and for a fraction of the price

Imagine this: The fashion fairy drops off a box to your door each month filled with 3-4 fashion accessories that have been hand selected for you by style experts in Los Angeles. The items that will arrive in your box will be worth a total retail value of $100 and will be chosen for you based on your 'style profile'Subscriptions include free ground shipping and begin at $75/month for our standard box and $45/month for our mini box worth a retail value of $75, (prices lower then you choose a longer subscription). 

**Boxes will include eyewear, jewelry, nail polish/nail wraps, grooming supplies and other products that will be sure to make your month more stylish for both men and women! 

We will always keep you looking and feeling stylish with our #RADBOX. Subcribe now to get yours the first week of November! >>

For more information or questions about the #RADBOX kindly email

--Alexa Boorstein

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meet Rad Blogger: Jesse

AGE: 16

STYLE STATEMENT: I'm all about finding the perfect items to make you feel and look your best! 
PERSONAL QUOTE: Always look your best because you never know 
whom you may meet!

PERSONAL STYLE: My personal style is a mix of edgy and rocker chic while still incorporating the latest trends. Right now, I love a crop top with a high waisted-- well, anything! Leather shirts, skirts, and cutouts are my jam. I enjoy finding unique items that most people won't be wearing, but I never stop at just the outfit. Accessories and shoes must be on point as well! I love a wide range of designers from high end fashion like Alexander McQueen to contemporary lines like Parker. Read more about my favorite designers and why I love them below:

Marc Jacobs: His collections are so spunky and have so much flare that I can't get enough. He keeps up with the latest trends while adding his own style to make the clothes memorable and unique. I tend to shop Marc by Marc Jacobs for handbags because I know I can find a staple purse that will match everything. They have awesome accessories too, and are even starting to come out with a beauty line of cosmetics such as nail polish and lipstick.

Alexander McQueen: I know I can always turn to these collections for some inspiration. These clothes are made with incredible detail and are so flattering. The style is edgy with a touch of "ballerina". I love to look at the collections and see the eloquent designs hit the models in all of the right places.

Parker: This designer has the most perfect evening-wear and cocktail dresses. Parker is so reliable, with the intricate beading to leather piping, you can't use simple to describe these clothes.  This brand is perfect for a city-girl style but is wearable for anyone. This is my go-to designer for any fancy or upscale event.

UNIF: This is a designer that is so out there you can't help but get hooked to the craziness of their collections. When you wear these pieces, you are sure to turn heads. They have some amazing vintage pieces, as well as purely unique collections. I'm always sure to pick up one of their items when I am looking for an outfit to make me stand out.  

Stay RAD!

-- Jesse Richter