Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fashion News: Digital Prints Spring 2010

As we all get excited to see what our favorite designers will shock us with on the runways this Spring there is one trend that we will without a doubt be seeing a lot of; the reinvention of the ever so 90’s digital print. When we saw this trend in earlier years it was in no way comparable to what the designers of this era are producing. Digital prints in the past were created in a variety of different forms, generally with large geometric shapes. Due to our heightened technological capabilities the prints of the past do no justice to those of the current day.

Designers such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Versace have taken the classic look of Lisa Turtle circa 1990's (Saved By the Bell) style to a whole new level with their collections for Spring ’10. The complex detailing used by these designers takes this trend that we have seen several times before and revives it into something fresh for 2010. The use of digital prints this season will be used to create geometric shapes and multi print dresses,skirts, leggings, shoes, jackets, suits, blazers and much more.

I recently caught a glimpse of Givenchy's advertisement for the Spring ’10 Collection. I particularly enjoyed this advertisement because it was like something I had never seen before, at least in the form of clothing. When I look at the advertisement I feel as though I am looking through a Kaleidoscope at an optical illusion. To be able to create such a vision through clothing and design is something that deserves recognition. It amazes me to see how a trend that was once so popular can be revived and modernized with just a few changes and updates.

Givenchy, Balenciaga, Versace and many other designers will clearly represent the heightened technology of the year 2010 through their advanced and intricate designs this season.

Will you be wearing Digital Prints this spring?

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- Jacqueline Rezak