Sunday, March 24, 2013

The New Rule: Make Your Go-To Items Great

It has been said that we wear only 20% of what's in our closets, 80% of the time. I’m beginning to believe this is true. I love clothes. I love new styles, new trends and a new season of colors to spice things up. Regardless of what I buy at the mall, I tend to gravitate back toward the same looks and styles that I find most comfortable and flattering.
Case in Point: I recently took 3 large bags of clothing to the resale store. It was a lot. My discovery; the bags were full of items that I was once attracted to while shopping, but obviously didn’t make the cut. It was quite eye opening. Although I usually leave the resale store with a decent check for my goods, it’s nowhere near the price I originally paid, Ouch.
With spring rapidly approaching, I’m taking a vow to stick with a new approach, “Quality over Quantity!” Along with that I have adopted the shopping mantra, "I MUST LOVE IT." I mean, love, love, LOVE IT!!! If you’re going to wear only 20% of what you’ve got hanging, then make it some good stuff – right? Here are a few suggestions featuring some wardrobe staples that just might find a permanent spot in your 20%. Who better than the amazing Rad+Refined to help out with these fine examples: 
The Sweater:
I have a Wildfox sweater that I wear all the time. I wear it more often than I wear all the other cheap-knock offs that may remind of the style, but can’t come close and are rarely worn. Sure, that sweater set me back about a pretty penny, but it’s long been paid for in my “cost per wear.” I love it. It's a quality item and it feels like “me.” Bingo! Here are a few to love. Comfortable with added-attitude!
The Go-To Dress: 
Once again, I am heavily insured in the dress department. I am black-tie, fundraiser, funeral, wedding, cocktail party-ready at all times. Prepared? Yes. Practical? No. Of course I have a few favorites that I’ll end up choosing pick for any and all events in the end.  If you love it, if it looks good, if it’s made well then you’ll wear it – like this beauty! 

Bottoms Up:
Yep. Same goes for everything below the belt. Jeans, shorts and even jean-shorts – Oh, I have plenty, just in case . . .Just in case I need a tribal print pair, just in case I decide to host a garden-chic Easter brunch (not happening). But never fail, there are about 3 pairs of bottoms that are tops on my list. If you love them and they make you feel fab when your wear them, then they make the cut.

Next time I sense a fashion binge coming on and get that overwhelming feeling that like I can’t live without the “newest trends” staring back from the racks before me, I WILL stop.  I will then repeat my mantra, remember that I must love it, picture it in my next donation pile (that’s a good one) and when all else fails, I know there is always something, unique, timeless and worthy of my 20% at Rad and Refined.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brandi Cyrus Models for Rad and Refined

Brandi Cyrus of Frank + Derol 
Models for Rad and Refined Spring!