Friday, March 19, 2010

Summer Trend 2010: Knee Socks

As a Chicago native nothing gets me more excited then the thought of summer approaching. That is why when the summer trends are released in January I feel a bit of hope that sunshine, the beach, and flip flops are in sight.

As for summer trends, there is one that is making its way back from the days of Pippi Longstocking and back into our closets. You can all relax because I'm not talking about the stick- straight braided pigtails...instead it is knee high socks!

Could this trend be a result of the knee high boots we have all been sporting this fall and winter? I am all for keeping your calves nice and warm but knee socks, really? I suppose I shouldn’t knock it till I try it…. but I think this trend should have probably been put to rest after Alicia Silverstone gave them one last attempt in Clueless.

Word on the street is that not only will knee high socks be popular but so will over the knee socks and thigh high socks. It seems to me that socks are totally taking the place of boots for the summer. I am not going to take sides on the idea yet as I still think there may be hope that these could look super cute if they are plain and paired up with tights and a basic lace up shoe.

Are you going to give knee socks a second chance this summer?xo!

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