Thursday, January 20, 2011

Menswear Preview Fall 2011: ACNE

"Our guy is firmly rooted on the Continent, Paris, and the area around the river Seine. He might be a student at Sorbonne. Just the name of this Parisian institute conjures images of its students. Or maybe a rather romanticized idea of them—the intellectual pursuit, the rebelliousness, the savvy confidence, the sexual energy. Our guy is one of them. We started working on his wardrobe. Imagining how he would look as he saunters down the sidewalk on his way to class. It's a grown-up wardrobe, somehow. Heavy wool coat, neat trousers, baby blue shirt poking up under a crew-neck jumper. It is proper and somewhat ambitious; it is the wardrobe of someone going somewhere."

Jonny Johansson


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