Wednesday, July 3, 2013

78Violet: Music Video Release "Hothouse"

The beautiful + talented girls we know as Aly and AJ are back at it with a new single "Hothouse" released under the name 78Violet! The video for the new single is set to release on July 8th, 2013 (7/8 like 78 violet, get it? We do and it's so cute!) we could not be more excited! 

Celebrity Stylist and Rad + Refined founder, Jacqueline Rezak styled the new video staying true to the natural, delicate, and soft look of Aly and AJ- while incorporating a sexy, more sophisticated edge to show their grown up feminine side. Jacqueline describes her experience on set with the girls as, "Nothing short of magical, between the talent, kindness, and natural beauty of Aly + AJ (and mom Carrie Michalka) plus the breathtaking scenery- I don't think it would have been possible to enjoy this shoot anymore then I did." Jacqueline worked closely with the girls to incorporate some of their special vintage accessories and clothing into the shoot, which really gives both Aly and AJ a very unique and special style. 


Here is a clip (above) of 78Violet on MTV News discussing their upcoming single "Hothouse" and musical style- this should help tide you over until the release date July 8th, 2013! 


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