Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meet Rad Blogger: Jesse

AGE: 16

STYLE STATEMENT: I'm all about finding the perfect items to make you feel and look your best! 
PERSONAL QUOTE: Always look your best because you never know 
whom you may meet!

PERSONAL STYLE: My personal style is a mix of edgy and rocker chic while still incorporating the latest trends. Right now, I love a crop top with a high waisted-- well, anything! Leather shirts, skirts, and cutouts are my jam. I enjoy finding unique items that most people won't be wearing, but I never stop at just the outfit. Accessories and shoes must be on point as well! I love a wide range of designers from high end fashion like Alexander McQueen to contemporary lines like Parker. Read more about my favorite designers and why I love them below:

Marc Jacobs: His collections are so spunky and have so much flare that I can't get enough. He keeps up with the latest trends while adding his own style to make the clothes memorable and unique. I tend to shop Marc by Marc Jacobs for handbags because I know I can find a staple purse that will match everything. They have awesome accessories too, and are even starting to come out with a beauty line of cosmetics such as nail polish and lipstick.

Alexander McQueen: I know I can always turn to these collections for some inspiration. These clothes are made with incredible detail and are so flattering. The style is edgy with a touch of "ballerina". I love to look at the collections and see the eloquent designs hit the models in all of the right places.

Parker: This designer has the most perfect evening-wear and cocktail dresses. Parker is so reliable, with the intricate beading to leather piping, you can't use simple to describe these clothes.  This brand is perfect for a city-girl style but is wearable for anyone. This is my go-to designer for any fancy or upscale event.

UNIF: This is a designer that is so out there you can't help but get hooked to the craziness of their collections. When you wear these pieces, you are sure to turn heads. They have some amazing vintage pieces, as well as purely unique collections. I'm always sure to pick up one of their items when I am looking for an outfit to make me stand out.  

Stay RAD!

-- Jesse Richter

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